YMCAs in the United States

YMCA in the United States, like in many other countries is a community of men, women and children that have come together with a shared commitment to nurture the potential of kids and to promote healthy living. The community also believes in inculcating a sense of social responsibility among all members. YMCA stands for Young Men's Christian Association and nowadays also referred to as "the Y".

Like most social organizations, YMCA is a non-profit organization. It brings people together and connects people from various backgrounds and ages to come together in order to meet the needs of the community. While YMCA is an organization that you can find in many countries across the globe, the specific goals and missions are based on the needs of the community that it is located in.

In the United States, YMCA has more than 2600 offices where they are present. These offices employ about 20,000 full time employees and there are 500,000 volunteers in about 10,000 communities. It has brought together 9 million youngsters and 12 million adults across these communities.

YMCA focuses on various kinds of activities. The areas that are covered under youth development include child care, education and leadership, sports activities and camping. The healthy living aspects that are covered in YMCA include family time, health, wellbeing and wellness, sports and recreation and other group interests. Areas that are covered under social responsibility are summer food program, social services, global services, volunteerism and advocacy too.

YMCA in United States has helped many communities in numerous ways. While in some places the focus has been on educating the youth, there are other places and communities where they have played an important role in helping parents manage young children when they are away at work. Sports like basketball, swimming, baseball and more have also gained a lot from the Y. Camping has also been a regular activity at the YMCA meeting, with camps organized annually for various age groups.


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